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Erica is a talented photographer who brings a wealth of diverse experience to the job. She was ready and able to contribute from her first day on the job. She brought her considerable skills and artistic eye to every project she was given. 

Erica also brought new ideas to the table and pushed us to try things we wouldn’t have considered otherwise.Erica has a great attitude, and regularly collaborated and solicited feedback on her work so she could continue to grow. She came to ThinkGeek during a time of major upheaval, and she adapted well in an environment of constant change. She would be an asset to any creative team!

-Michael Collins, Creative Manager

"Erica is a highly skilled professional photographer who not only possesses overwhelming technical skill and know-how in how to get the best results from her equipment, she also has a great eye for creative and stunning composition. 

She has a great personality and work ethic and is amazing to collaborate with because she not only brings great original ideas to the table, she listens closely to other people's ideas and feedback and incorporates it into her work. She is motivated by her desire to create amazing work, which other people feed off of. She is one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with."

-Jeremy Wegner, Art Director

"Erica is one of the most professional and complete photographers I have worked with. At my previous agency we had 4 photo studios with over 150 associates and I would rank Erica as one of the very best. 

Erica worked for us remotely at a client's facility where she built a studio, supervised the day to day work and shot and art directed much of the work. 
Erica worked with our Account Director and the client's staff as well as remotely with our agencies creative staff. 
We lost the account and had to reduce staff. There is no doubt that we would re-hire Erica if the opportunity arises in the future. 

Erica is an absolute pleasure to work with every day. She has the ability to make those around her better and a personality that inspires great work. She was at the job everyday and again is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with."

-Dan Surdell Sr, CEO

"Erica is an amazing professional and outstanding on-trend photographer. Her images and styling are technically superb, inventive, and fun. Erica has a wonderful way of putting people at ease and builds strong relationships with associates, clients and talent. 

She has an eye for composition and capturing real moments. She brings everything she shoots to life (even simple products). She also gets social content and is gifted in creating images for print, signage, web and digital. Working with Erica is always a pleasure and her energy and positivity makes every shoot a great experience. After managing her for a couple of years, I can say Erica is an exceptional talent and person and I recommend her without hesitation for staff jobs or as an independent shooter."

-Bill Nordin, Chief Creative Officer

"Erica is fantastic. Her skills with lighting, photography, image manipulation and retouching are all outstanding. 

Beyond that, she is incredibly thoughtful, warm and funny, lifting up her coworkers and her environment. One of the greatest strengths of has always been its product imagery, a bar that Erica matched and elevated in the time we worked together. Going through a difficult and prolonged transition, she brought a litany of creative and executive skills to the table, being extremely resourceful and creative in executing what was asked of her and more. I highly recommend Erica as a strong asset to any organization."

-Donna Bruschi, Director of Licensing

"I had Erica do a photoshoot for my cosmetic company and let me say that her lighting and shots were so good no photoshop was needed what-so-ever....I could use any and every picture she took. 

She was absolutely hands down the best photographer I have used so far! Put her first on your list of photographers!!" 

-Dr Michael Huwe, Entrepreneur

"I had the great privilege to work directly with Erica de la Vega for almost 3 years. We collaborated on a number of projects including catalogs, brochures, email/web graphics, banners, in-store signage, advertisements and other printed collateral. Through it all, Erica was always able to showcase the vision of the creative team through her lens. 

As the only photographer for Golf Galaxy, Erica was often asked to work under extremely tight deadlines and produce imagery of various styles. She is a natural problem solver and uses her creative expertise in lighting and equipment to produce powerful, creative solutions. Whether working with models on set or shooting lifestyle and landscapes on location, Erica excelled at taking creative direction, interpreting the goals and consistently produced imagery that increased the overall value of the Golf Galaxy brand.

I highly recommend Erica for any photographer position, especially if your company is looking for a solid, well-rounded photographer with the ability to consistently produce powerful, resonating imagery. Her ability to always capture “that moment” is second-to-none."

-Graham Miller, Senior Graphic Designer

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